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GreenSupp  is a modern and advanced natural supplements company from Israel Which combines traditional knowledge and up-to-date science.

We recognizes the natural ability of the body Promote recovery processes, if only he receives the appropriate conditions for it.

The ingredients in our supplements  are top of the line products that makes our formulas the best in the market

Vitamin D-3 K-2 MK-7 Calcium Citrate

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          Prof. Samuel Edelstein

A new Breakthrough Supplement For Bone Health

                   Prof. Samuel Edelstein

Professor Emeritus The Weizmann Institute of Science

Rehovot, Israel

 Adequate intake of calcium is important in order to achieve maximal peak bone mass in the first three decades of life, and to minimize the rate of bone loss associated with ageing.

Thus, the importance of adequate calcium intake  is recognized during the whole life cycle of human being;

Body growth

Rapid skeleton development of children and teenagers

Achievement of peak bone mass in adults, women at child-birth age and lactation and elderly people, especially women at postmenopausal age who are most susceptible to osteoporosis.

 The new supplement contain;

Calcium citrate

Vitamin D3

Vitamin K2

 Calcium Citrate

Calcium from calcium citrate is best absorbed when compered with the absorption from all other calcium salts.

Calcium from calcium citrate was found to be absorbed regardless of the levels of gastric acid secretion.

Many elderly people are taking  PPI medications whose main action is a profound and prolonged reduction of stomach acid production thus are not absorbing calcium but not in the case of calcium citrate.

The unique mechanism of the intestinal absorption of calcium citrate as opposed to calcium in general is the reason that consumption calcium citrate is not interfering with the absorption of other minerals, especially iron.

Finally, concern formation of kidney and urinary duct stones.

Calcium citrate has been shown to attenuate the risk since it enhances renal excretion of citrate, an inhibitor of crystallization of stone-forming calcium salts.

The new supplement provides 600 mg of elemental calcium which is 60% of the recommended daily intake.

 Vitamin D

Calcium absorption in the intestine as well as its deposition in bone is vitamin D dependent.

The physiological way of obtaining the vitamin is via the exposure of our skin to the sun, to UV light.

Modern life style are such that people are spending most of their time indoor thus may be short of vitamin D.

Therefore vitamin D supplementation is advised.

The recommended daily intake of the vitamin is 600iu at ages 1-70 years old and the new supplement provides 600iu.

A unique feature of the new supplement is that the vitamin D3 it contain is from a vegan source and not from lanolin of the wool of sheep.

The vegan vitamin D3 in the new supplement is isolated from lichen which is a composite organism that arises from algae and fungi.

 Vitamin K

Vitamin K can be found as K1 or K2. The K2 form is found in plant foods while the K2 form is found in animal foods.

The K1 is involved in blood coagulation while the k2 is involved in cardiovascular health and bone health.

The K2 appears in several forms but the most potent and beneficial one is the MK7.

Only in recent years it was found that vitamin K2 is involved in 2 major preventions of medical disorders;

Prevention of calcium deposition in arteries  resulting in plaques namely heart attacks and stroke

Proper calcium incorporation into bone resulting in increased bone mineral density and decreased fractures.

The new supplement provides 100 micrograms of the vitamin K2 in the form of MK7.

Vitamin D3
K2 MK7
Calcium Citrate

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